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Basement Renovations, A Good Choice For Extra Living Space

bucks-county-basement-renovation Okay, so you don’t necessarily live in your dream home. Have you considered adding on space or converting your basement space to livable space instead of moving?

Converting or finishing out your Bucks County basement is an excellent choice when figuring out what is best for your budget. Nearly always, it will cost less if you already have walls, a foundation, and a ceiling. At the very least, you will only need to make sure the space is waterproof and then add some surface materials to make it a usable area.

From start to finish, our professionals at Daniel’s Custom Building and Renovations can assist you with any remodeling needs you may have.

We want to help you achieve the look and feel of the home you have always dreamed of. If you have figured out that you need more living space and have decided that your best option is to convert your basement, we hope you will give us a call today.

Electrical Needs for your Basement Renovation

Most basements already have electrical outlets. It is a good idea, however, to assess if there are enough outlets to handle your needs when your basement is finished. Always call a professional if you need electrical repair or installation.

Moisture Control is Vital in the Basement

Your basement space also needs to be checked for mold, insects, pests, and proper ventilation. If there is a problem, most of the time it is a common problem that can always be fixed. There are sealants, moisture barriers, and other systems of water-proofing and pest proofing the area. Your biggest concern in the basement area will be moisture.

Surfaces for your remodeled basement

Floor tiles and rubber are good surfaces for your flooring and walls since they assist with moisture control. Also, you could install floor heating to handle the moisture.

Ventilation Concerns for your basement remodeling project

Air flow, or ventilation, is also important. You will need good ventilation which may include fans, humidistat’s (like your thermostat but responds to humidity levels), and added vents or a dehumidifier.

Budget Friendly Lighting Choices for your new basement space

Lighting may be an easier problem to fix. Most likely, the lighting in your basement will be very insufficient. However, with track lighting and mirrors, you can do much with a small budget to lighten the space.

Avoid fluorescent lamps because they do produce a lot of light and it will be too bright for the area. Placing dimmer switches always helps a great deal and again, this is a budget friendly suggestion.

Optional Water Systems for the Basement Bathroom or Laundry

If you have the budget to add a bathroom or kitchen or a bar area with sink, routing water into the basement may be an option. The plumbing system will need to be planned out to include draining and water inlets. You will need to contact a professional plumbing engineer for the project. If you can afford a couple of thousand more in your budget, it is well worth looking into having a water source in your basement.

Basement remodels aren’t always about just slapping some paint on the walls and throwing down a rug on the floor. The main systems that need planning are the electrical, plumbing, lighting, and above all the moisture control in your basement area.

We specialize in basement remodels at Daniel’s Custom Building and Renovations here in Bucks County and surrounding areas. From complete additions to partial add-ons, our pros at Blue Ribbon Construction have you covered.

Call us today and we will gladly schedule an appointment to come evaluate your needs and give you a quick and courteous cost estimate!

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