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Go Green with Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodel The environmentally conscious movement is here to stay. Because green renovation products and services are so ubiquitous, the subsequent increase in supply has dropped prices to levels that all property owners can afford. Every remodeling project is now a great opportunity to design your home in a fashion that benefits you while reducing your environmental impact.

One of the easiest rooms to make substantial improvement is the kitchen. In your next kitchen remodeling project, by designing your kitchen in an environmentally conscious way, you can reduce energy consumption and as a result save money on your monthly utilities. At the same time, you can use materials that do not require the use of heavy corrosive solvents, improving your family’s quality of life.

The experts at Daniels Custom Building & Renovations have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your next kitchen remodeling project. If you are considering going green in your Bucks County kitchen, they can get it done quickly and efficiently. Here are some basic tips their experts would like you to know about green kitchen remodeling.

Green Ideas for Major Kitchen Components

The materials that you choose can have a positive environmental impact in many ways. One way you can be Earth-conscious in your kitchen remodeling project is to use sustainable materials.

As an example, kitchen cabinets made from wood that is harvested from certified forest management practices can be a great green addition during your kitchen remodeling project. As a side benefit, these materials generally are made without toxic formaldehyde glues and volatile organic compounds, increasing your family’s health.

The countertops that you chose should be made from recycled or sustainable content. These too can use nontoxic binders and are made with proper manufacturing processes. The options are endless and can be stone, wood, or recycled glass. The professional kitchen remodelers at Daniels Custom Building & Renovations can give you an eco-friendly countertop that has the style to match any kitchen remodeling project.

Energy Efficient and Water Saving Appliances

When you remodel your kitchen in an eco-friendly fashion, you get the side benefit of saving on your monthly utility bills. The two goals in this effort are to reduce energy and water consumption.

The two appliances that provide the best energy and water savings are dishwashers and refrigerators respectively. Dishwashers with an energy-saving and quick-wash feature reduce water consumption by having shorter washing cycles. Also, dishwashers can have an air-dry function that saves energy. Buying a new refrigerator is a great way to reduce energy consumption because technology and insulation techniques are constantly improving.

Another efficient way to save energy after your kitchen remodeling project is to install energy efficient lighting. The benefits are obvious and will last for years to come. New fluorescent lighting can consume anywhere from 50% to 90% less energy than traditional systems.

The knowledgeable kitchen remodelers at Daniels Custom Building & Renovations can help you with all of your green kitchen remodeling needs. With their advice and expertise, you and your family will love the look of your new kitchen, while enjoying the energy and water savings and health benefits of your green kitchen remodeling project.

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