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Top 5 Choices For Fast Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Bucks County bathroom remodeling There are ways to accomplish a bathroom remodeling project which doesn’t require a huge budget to work with. Home improvement remodeling projects can be as extensive or as modest as you like. There are many less expensive changes you can make that will make a big difference for your home.

The Bucks County renovation experts at Daniel’s Custom Building and Renovations are happy to offer you some budget friendly bathroom remodeling ideas. You’ll get the most bang for your buck and the project will be completed quickly.


Repainting your bathroom space tops our list of fast ways to get a new look for your remodeling project. It’s also one of the lower cost remodeling projects you can do. You get a lot when you repaint your bathroom, including a great new look, but that’s not all! Repainting gives you a newly sealed wall surface to protect your bathroom area from the harmful effects of moisture. Today, there are many new paints that resist mold and mildew, so your color choices are still wide open.

Fixture Replacement

Bathroom fixtures include not just your faucets, spouts, spigots, handles, and shower heads, but your commode, sink, shower, and bathtub as well. Replacing your bathtub and shower give you the most in quick remodeling that makes a big impact, yet you can get a great new look with just small fixture replacement.

If chosen wisely, your new bathroom fixtures can make a bold statement in a new design theme. And because you’re not going all out on your bathroom remodeling, you’ll have more opportunity to get something great but which still goes with the other elements you won’t be changing.

Bathtub & Shower Surround Replacement

Many tubs and showers come in prefabricated forms that include the surround that makes up the walls. As all one piece, the walls are part of the shower or tub and can’t be removed. Some tubs with surrounds come with detachable surrounds so it’s easier if you just need to replace one of the pieces.

Other tubs and showers don’t come with a surround at all but need tile work in its place. Any tub or shower, whether with a surround or not, can be replaced. And the surround can be replaced if it’s not formed as one piece with the tub.

The most budget friendly option would be the mentioned one piece bathtub or shower installation, but this does little to increase your home’s value for any length of time. It will give you a shiny new surface for a few short years. Ceramic tile installation would bring long-term value to the home.

Flooring Replacement

Changing out the flooring material is another way to update your bathroom without remodeling the whole area. Your bathroom floor is a larger surface of the room, so the change will make a big difference.

The new flooring can often be laid on top of the existing floor, making it even quicker and easier to remodel. This is especially true with sheet laminate. Plus, this relatively inexpensive and fast method gives you more budget wiggle room for integrating some custom options that you really want for your new bathroom.

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